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I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. I was brought to USA when I was 10 years old. I lived in Miami for 6 years and I've been living in Suwanee, Georgia for 6 years. I've been married for about 3 years.



I went to Montessori School while I was in Medellin. I graduated from Dacula High School in 2011. I obtained my Paralegal degree from University of Georgia in 2013 and I am currently working on my double major in International Business/Marketing. After graduation, I am hoping to go to law school to become an international contract attorney and work for my family's company, whose headquarters are located in Medellin, Colombia.

Work Experience

I've worked for big corporations such as Mercedes-Benz USA, State Farm, and Westwood Hotels. I've also worked with small law firms in the Lawrenceville area and Downtown Atlanta. I currently work for Clark & Washington, which is a bankruptcy specialized law firm. I also do work on the side for my family's company including but not limited to marketing. Once I graduate from GGC, I will be working for T-Flox full time in the marketing department while attending law school.

Favorite Links



With my husband being a bodybuilder, I have embraced a healthy and active lifestyle. I do have to say though, that dieting is my weakness. I absolutely love going to the gym (specifically the weight room) but I love food too much to give it up. :)


I love BMWs. I don't work on them - I just simply love to drive them. I specifically like BMWs because they handle like no other car. It is a combination of elegance, aggressiveness and good looks. It is has the perfect touches to make it a luxury sports car AND be a daily driver.



I love traveling, exploring new places and meeting new people. What's better than laying on a beach with a drink in your hand? A BMW. What's better than a BMW? A vacation to Bora Bora! <3
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