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Although not too intrigued with studies, Josh Weeks is not only a hard worker, but a person you can trust to get things done. He is often prone to immediate, longstanding friendships, and with thus is quite resourceful. Aspiring to be a top 10% American , one with over $116k yearly household income by the time he is 30, he takes paid jobs seriously and is in school mostly for the paperwork. On the outside he may seem like a procrastinator, which he is, but still seems to accomplish goals and get done what he says he will.


  • Marketing
    • Josh Weeks works to pull more than a marketing degree from Georgia Gwinnett College, but also to attain the knowledge and credentials to make a thriving impact in the real business world. Long term interests entertain ownership of a company and venture capitalism.
  • Computing
    • New to this skill as of 2013, Josh Weeks works with his marketing skills to build a client basis in the field of computing. making the two is a powerful mechanism for future goals.

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