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Welcome to my GGCWiki! My name is Kimberly Cisneros and I am eighteen years old. I was born and raised in Lawrenceville, Georgia. I am currently a freshman at GGC and plan to get a degree in English. After graduating, I hope to move abroad to Sweden and teach English there. On top of school, I also work at El Real Mexican Grill as a server. On days when I'm not at work and school, I like to stay home and relax with my family and dog. Not only that, but I love traveling and just this summer of 2017, I traveled to eight different countries!

Interests and Hobbies

  • Traveling
  • Listening to Music
  • Going out
  • Spending time with animals

Favorite Links

  1. Tumblr
  2. Instagram
  3. Youtube


Me in Rome,Italy (2017) IMG 3282.jpg
My graduation from High School (2017) IMG 2967.JPG
My dog, Teddy IMG 2964.jpg

Class Information

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