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Hi! My name is Kristina and I'm a pre-nursing major at GGC. I graduated high school in 2012 and joined the Army which helped me acquire some great skills! Soon after, I married my husband and we moved around some before deciding to plant our roots here in Georgia with our pup, Audrey. After moving to Georgia my husband became a police officer and after I graduate I hope to find work in a trauma unit as I love the fast paced hospital environment.




I know this sounds like an odd interest but about this time last year my husband and I decided it was time to buy a house, and like most first-time home buyers our expectations far exceeded our budget. Inevitably, every house we looked at just didn't fit what we were looking for. This led to the idea of buying the most run down house we could find on a great piece of property and absolutely gutting the place and building it back up to suit our needs. It was certainly a grueling process but it has also become a passion. I love spending my spare time finding new ways to improve things around the house and it has made us quite handy with tools around here. Most importantly this whole process has assured that we, as first time home owners, understand our home inside and out when something inevitably breaks.

Our Current Remodel:


DIY projects

I really enjoy spending my free time working with my hands. Whether that be with small craft projects or my most recent hobby of restoring old furniture. My favorite furniture medium is wood. I enjoy either finding and emphasizing the original wood grain of a piece hiding beneath layers of paint or taking a generic brand new unfinished piece of furniture and giving it age and character with different antiquing techniques.

Watching Sitcoms

Although I love when I have time to start large projects, most of the time my favorite thing to do is to watch cheesy sitcoms. They are lighthearted and easy to digest and after a long day that is usually the perfect way to unwind for me. I can throw something enjoyable on an iPad and finish chores around the house with some entertainment.

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