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Kevin Pineda

My Name is Kevin Pineda, I am currently attending college at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC), 20 years old, living in a small town called Loganville, and have started my very own small business selling amazing energy called Verve. I've lived in Georgia through most of my life and I have 3 sisters. I am the only male that my parents had. I've work different job here and there. Its what ever is open from family job to friends to random strangers.

About Family

I have 3 sisters (Jasmin, Joselyn, and Vicky) one is oldest the other two are youngest, I am the 2nd oldest. My eldest sister is [1]Jasmin and is about 23 years old. She is currently married for a couple of years and has had her first baby boy named ..., which I can say he is really handsome like his uncle! Something that must people don't really know about her is that he is my half sister. We both didn't have the same mother. The 2nd youngest is Joselyn and is about 12 years old. There is nothing much I can really say about her but that she is going through her teenage faze and that she is the 2nd youngest in the family. Vicky is the youngest out of the 4 of us. She is about 10 years old with nothing going on with her. I know I can say that she acts like me, by that I mean that she doesn't really have a care in the world when she gets home. But I'm like that just about all the time. My Mom is about (not allowed to say) years old. She was born in El Salvador with her brothers and sisters. I think she had like 4 brother but the youngest one one died a long time ago, he hardly ever brings him up, and she has 4 sisters. I think. My Father was also born in El Salvador, but here is something interesting. My parents didnt meet in El Salvador but the acutely met in Georgia. He has a lot of brothers and sisters, to much to remember and most still getting new brothers and/or sisters.

My Interests

  • Video Games - I find nothing better then playing a great game for its story line. It's even better when you can multi-player with friends and/or family.
  • Driving - To me, driving is one of the most relaxing thing I enjoy. From just enjoying a nice slow cruse to just braking the law and go all out on back roads.
  • Technology - I love to learn about the next best thing that technology has to offer!


What most people would like to do in the future is travel the world. I honestly hope to be able to that in a young age and not wait in till I retire. I would like to explore Italy, Spain, Japan, China, etc. What people should and maybe shouldn't experience once in their one chance of living.


Tyler Adair Kyle Reynolds Christian Bailey

Web 2.0 Review Assignment



Zunal is a site where all students and teachers can create a WebQuests and share information with one another in a safe learning environment.


Zunal was first launched in May 2001. Ever since they've launched the site, they've been improving the website.

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LinkedIn is a website where people can connect with each other world wide. Here is were you can access to jobs, news, updates, and insights with your profession.


LinkedIn was first launched in May 2003. The management team is made up by different executive management like: Google, TiVo, PayPal, and Yahoo!


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