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My name is Pryce, Kamille. I am not certain how in depth I am suppose to describe my journey or how deep I trust going, however letting you in on my secrets decides a portion of my grade. So, here we go.
I love my hair.



The story of myself goes like this: I was born in Jamaica Kamille's Travel Page, into a family consisting of my mother, father and a sister three years older than me. Jamaica was beautiful and we lived comfortably; when I was about two or three my parents got married. I don't remember it (and so am forced to deny it), but I am told that I cried through the entire wedding due to an unfulfilled promise of cake. My father was a contractor and my mother was a forth form (the equivalent of American high school) English teacher. In the years to come my parents made the decision to move to the states. First my mother, she came to settle and lay roots, and eventually my sister and I were retrieved and brought to live in Georgia. The decision of Georgia was made, simply, because it was the one state where we (as a family) had the most support: my mother's mother, a family friend who would become family, and a "grand-father" figure. I have lived in Georgia for the past ten years and it has truly become one of the loves of my life.



Me Now

After moving throughout the state we have lived in Decatur, College Park, Stone Mountain, ect we settled and I finished my high school years in Gwinnett; I graduated from Grayson High School the year of Brookwood Where You At. It has been two years since graduation and I now go to GGC (obviously). I haven't verified my major, but in leaning towards creative writing.....I'm trying to stay as far away from math as possible! With a degree having to do with writing, I feel that I could create something infinite. Outside of school, work takes up most of my week. I work for the best company in the world (at least to me (and you too once you go)), Lush Handmade Cosmetics. I love my job, it is challenging and rewarding and I get to be myself 100%. How many people can say that about their job: I am myself at work!

Y'all go check it out: Lush Handmade Cosmetics


Jack of What Trades

So what do I do, when I don't have to do anything:

  • Music
    • Neo-Soul, Hip Hop, Rap, Jazz.
      • All of it
        • if it has a beat, I'm down.
  • Painting
    • I'm a beginner but it is so much fun.
  • Reading
    • I'm undecided in a major, but I'm leaning towards Creative Writing.
      • Which is a perfect segue into...
  • Writing
    • Hence creative writing
      • I have a knack for it.
  • Fashion
    • I love clothes what can I say

Hyper-Speed (Just rattling off some things I love)

the sun,flowers, water, canoeing, people, my mom, food,(curry chicken recipe) tumblr, gold, photography, rain, summer, money, Money,MONEY, laughter

How Will I Put It All Together

I am in the middle of getting my life together, so this may be a bit vague. I want to make something that will put all aspects of myself, that other people can appreciate. I want what every make to glorify the average man and woman and teach them to think as highly of yourself as possible. People can't even appreciate how amazing they are, because compared to a celebrity, ordinary achievements are bland. I want to make something that will uplift the average persons triumphs. Hell the middle class makes the world go round. Maybe, at my peak, I will be the editor and chief of my own magazine.

When I had hair
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