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Lindsey Layton.jpg
My senior year of cheerleading (peep the knee brace)!
One of my paintings I did in high school.
Graduation night with my family.



My name is Lindsey and I am 18 years old! I'm originally from Georgia, specifically Lawrenceville, and I have lived here my entire life. I am the oldest of two children, I have a 15 year old brother named Stephen, and two dogs named Charlie and Tebow. And yes, my dog is named after Tim Tebow because of my dad who is a huge Florida Gator fan. My parents moved to Lawrenceville before I was born and we have never left. I now attend Georgia Gwinnet College for now but would like to transfer to the University of West Georgia to major in Graphic Design and minor in Marketing. I have always loved anything and everything Art related. While in high school, I attended Central Gwinnett and took four years of art classes. I have always liked art and taking four years of it definitely lead me to choose my major in Grapic Design. When I have free time, I love to paint and draw anything I can when I get the chance! Also, I cheered for all four years of high school and was on a competition team for a while until I got injured. My sophomore year I was at practice and landed wrong when finishing a "flip" and ended up busting the sack on top of my kneecap causing me not being able to compete.

Not a lot of people know this about me, but growing up I experienced Petit Mal Seizures. In case you are not familiar with this, it is known as a staring spell which causes people to space out at random times but usually doesn't last more than 20 seconds. I was six when I had my first Petit Mal Seizure and all I remember is blanking out in the middle of my Gymnastic practice and then coming back to reality with my teacher snapping her fingers in my face to get my attention. From then on till I was about 10 years old, I was on medication and doing tests to monitor the functions of my brain to make sure I was not having them anymore. I have not had a Petit Mal Seizure since I was younger.

My Interests

  • Anything and everything art related
  • Country Music: Luke Bryan and Florida Georgia Line!
  • Traveling outside of Georgia
  • Being with my friends and my boyfriend
  • Shopping
  • Starbucks
  • Florida Gator football

Future Plans

  • Graduating from college and becoming a Graphic Designer
  • Moving out of my parents house and living with the man I love
  • Get married and have kids
  • Travel outside of the United States at least once in my life
  • Be able to take care of my family

A Place I Would Like To Visit

One day, I hope to visit London, England. Here is the link to my travel page...Enjoy! (click here)

My Favorite Dish

My Favorite Dish


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