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Mufit Degirmenci

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Hey guys my name is Cem its pronounced Jim i am turkish i was born in turkey and raised in the us since i was a year old. I do however still speak turkish. I enjoy playing and listening to music and i am in a metal band that plays locally. About a year ago i ruptured 2 disks in my back and since then it has become very difficult for me to walk long distances. Other than that theres not much else feel free to chat me up if you see me on my black scooter riding around campus!


  1. sports
  2. music
  3. band
  4. tv
  5. hanging with da peeps
  6. chicks
  7. playing guitar
  8. splunking
  9. curling


Go spin with my Girlfriend

Check out my Band

Check out my friend he loves to run. Gabe Pajares

This is my friend who loves pandas and panda accessories. Chris Johnson

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