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Hello! My name is Caitlyn and this is my first year at GGC. I am an Early Education Major and I hope to one day be the teacher of your little munchkins! I am very outgoing and weird. I love cats AND dogs! I also really love listening to music. I've been to about 24 concerts since I turned 15. I love my friends and my family. They mean the most to me. I love making them happy and seeing them smile. Family is a huge value of mine as well as happiness. If you aren't happy you aren't living. I also love doing a lot of DIY projects to a lot of things, for example my apartment. A lot of things in my apartment are DIY projects.


My First Concert Kellin.jpg
My Doge Tink.jpg
My cat!! Liam.jpg


  • Doing DIY projects
  • Going to concerts
  • Being happy

Favorite Links

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Link to Itec 1001 homepage

Itec Hompage

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