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Mezabine Himani was born in Decatur,GA. She later moved to Lawrenceville, GA where she was raised for the remainder of her childhood. She is still currently residing in Lawrenceville, GA. She has been working for Target for the past four years. She attended Collins Hill High School but graduated from Faith Academy. She is currently attending Georgia Gwinnett College in Lawrenceville, GA. Her major is in Pre-Nursing. Originally she had planned of becoming a doctor but since the birth of her dauther, she had to alter her plans to fit her current lifestyle. She is currently married to Joel Lozano and has a daughter by the name of Jazmine Lozano whom was born on July 31,2013.



3 M's


Math is her all time favorite subject. She has always been good doing math and enjoyed doing her math homework when she was a child. Anything dealing with either simple numbers or complex numbers she enjoys.


Music is something that she uses to express herself on how she is felling from day to day. She does not have any particular type of favorite band of genre but if the song has a good melody and some special type of meaning she is all for it.


She has always had an interest in the medicine field since she was a little girl. Anything that has to do medically related is what really interest her from how the body works to the affects of specific medicine to certain individuals.


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