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Marteisha Kemp


Introduction to ME!

I am a 22 year old college student. I am a Senior at Georgia Gwinnett College(GGC)! Majoring in Child Psychology. I work the school in the Office of Advancement.

My background

October 1994, the day a Magnificent Queen was born. To a magical family in Decatur, GA. The Queen was named Marteisha Kemp. I quickly sprouted into a doll piece at a early age. I attended Knollwood Elementary School from Pre-K all the way to Fifth Grade. Although I started my Elementary days rough by failing all classes, I knew my Royal Family wasn't proud of me so I made a turn to Royalty and begin passing all classes with A's. I continued my great accomplishments on to Middle School where I attended Avondale Middle School. I was a big role model for not only students but teachers, faculty and staffs. I was involved in a lot of organization in Middle School like, 4-H club, Peer Leaders, and Student Government just to name a few. When I was promoted from the eighth grade to the ninth, we had an award ceremony where I received every award they had to give. I felt so special. Put my royal days didn't end there I ran through High School with honors and now I am attending Georgia Gwinnett College. I am now in Digital Media with my friend Dyneshia Lynn


Career Path

I am attending Georgia Gwinnett College and majoring in Child Psychology. I want to be a Psychologist at a Juvenile Detention Center. My passion is to help kids and young adults overcome obstacles that they think is impossible to overcome. \

Classes I'm Taking

  • PSYC 3120
  • ITEC 2110
  • SOCI 3201
  • PSYC 4220


Most visited Links

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  3. Target

My Project

My Favorite Photos

Loveaiden4.jpg Loveaiden3.jpg Grandmalove2.jpg Loveaiden1.jpg Loveaiden2.jpg Teishalove1.jpg

ITEC2110 Digital Media

  1. Image Project
  2. Audio Project
  3. Video Project
  4. 3D Project

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