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I was born in Gujarat, India on October 7, 1988. My father is running a business concerned with Event Supply Management. My mother worked in a bank as a cashier, nowadays, turned housewife. I lived in India for 25 years & it's been only 6 months I moved to Georgia as a permanent resident.

Education and Career

My name is Mitesh Modi and I am from Duluth, GA. I have recently moved to Georgia in November 2013 and I am planning to pursue my majors in Electrical Engineering at Georgia Tech by this Spring 2015. I have an Associates Degree in Electrical Engineering in June 2011 from Nirma University, India.

Nirma University- S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
Convocation- November 11, 2011



I love writing in numerous genres (fiction, non-fiction, creative & technical) plus Idea Generation, Idea pitching, Creative Development- Exploration.

Work out & Sports

It's quite rare but I like to play Football, and it feels crappy & restless the day I have to skip my work out at gym, given tight schedule.


I like to read books at home once I get acquainted with the author's background & previous work. I find the work of Chetan Bhagat and Paulo Coelho interactive as well as informative enough about an art of creativity and they seem to be gifted at crafting this art expressive enough. "Five Point Someone", "2 States" & "Revolution 2020" are the books I can read anytime & many times.


I often like to buy new cloths, sunglasses, books & something different once been on my mind.

Work Experience

I have worked as a Technical Recruiter at Havoc Consultants, India for two & half years from March '11 to November '13.

Favorite Links

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