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  • I was born in Ringwood, New Jersey in 1989. I lived in New Jersey for 13 years and then moved to Georgia in 2003. I attended Creekland Middle School for my 8th grade year. Then I moved again and went to Watkinsville, Georgia. I attended high school at Oconee County High School. I graduated in 2007. I also have grown up in a business family and have knowledge in it.


  • I have many interests, some are, Computers, Classic City Computing, Business and Sports. I love to play Football and Basketball. I love sitting on the computer for hours. When it comes to Business I want to some day run my own business.



  • I have worked about three jobs throughout high school. I worked/owned Taco Bell, MJP-LLC and J&M Mini Storage/Carwash. I still have two of those jobs the carwash and MJP-LLC.


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