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My name is Matthew Payne and I am a full time student at Georgia Gwinnett College. I graduated from Henry County High School and am now a Freshman in college. I am a Biology Major, even though it might end up changing after a while. I plan to go to graduate school after four years of undergraduate and eventually become a pharmacist. I am not currently employed but I do work as a certified Lifeguard at Atlanta Beach every summer, but I might try to find an internship at some type of pharmacy.



Freshman at Georgia Gwinnett College

I am currently enrolled as a freshman here at GGC and plan to further my education here.

Graduated from Henry County High School

I graduated from HCHS in May 2011 with a 3.0 GPA.

After College

After school I plan to either go into the field of Pharmacy or Physical Therapy. I am still trying to choose between the two.

Work Experience

Clayton Country Parks and Recreation

I work as a lifeguard at Atlanta Beach in Clatyon County every summer.


I worked at a Levi's outlet store although I hated it. They had me in the back folding clothes and running around stocking everything.



I live in the dorms on campus now so mainly all I do is study and hang out with friends and my girlfriend. But when I was back at home I enjoyed going fishing every once in a while and going to the movies and hanging out with friends and my girlfriend. I also wrestled for my High School until my shoulder dislocated my Junior year.

Favorite Links

I have a few websites I go to on a daily basis.

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