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My name is Meghan Reinhold, I am 21 and I am working towards a psychology degree. I have lived in seven different states and one foreign country as a side effect of my dads work in the navy. I have three siblings who are all younger than me, two cats, and a dog. I listen to crappy music and spend my free time playing video games. I like watching drunk history, bob's burgers, and Brooklyn nine nine. I used to game on a 8 year old macbook so I have a lot of patience for things that would usually frustrate someone else, like slow internet. My favorite thing in the world is my cat Mocha and the thing I dislike most is cheese.


My cat and I circa 2015 Mocha and me 2015.JPG
sleepy cat Snoozing cat.JPG
Couldn't upload pic because it wasn't mime type Won't let me upload anytning png.JPG


  • Psychology
  • Rimworld
  • Old Cartoons
  • Sewing
  • Reading
  • D&D
  • Digital design
  • drawing
  • Competitive monopoly

I enjoy playing Rimworld with my cats and making art based off the game.

Favorite Links

  1. Praise Be the Bread
  2. Rimworld
  3. Have a cat
  4. Sr Grafo Rimworld Tales

Favorite Music

Dream Sweet in Sea Major

We all lift together

Mother Mother- Get Up

Long Way Down

The Gun

Favorite Videos

The Fable of the the dragon tyrant

Just playing pokemon blue

This man's entire channel

Jun's Cooking, Blueberry cheesecake

Grandpa Mason

Digital Media Projects

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