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Hello, welcome to my wiki! Below this sentence you’ll find basic background information, pictures and links to other websites about me. Please enjoy your stay!



Chips.jpg My name is Michael Sinnette but I commonly go by Alex. I am 6 foot two, Caucasian and have brown hair with a blonde birth mark in my hair. My family consists of my sister Hannah, My mother and father, Tammy and Michael and my dog Chips. I live about 5 minutes off campus and typically walk to class everyday. I work full time as a CNC Programmer/Engineer at my fathers shop. Im currently planning on majoring in programming or security but im not sure of which quite yet. if you would like to know more, please email me or find me in person. Thanks!

Interesting Life Story

I've only ever been out of America once for a one week vacation to Curacao. It was an amazing and beautiful experience.


  • PC Building/Gaming
    • Latest PC I've built looks like the picture to the right.
  • I walk/run almost everyday.
  • Love hanging out with my GF and friends.
  • My favorite websites are:
  1. Reddit
  2. Youtube
  3. 4chan (Caution Adviced)

Future Plans

I would like to work in IT security as my main job and build PCs as a side job for my future carrer's. I'd enjoy bringing more advanced technology into peoples homes and using that technology to make them safer.

Travel Plans

Travel Plans

Digital Media Projects

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