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Welcome to Nico's Wiki Page!



I was born in Toccoa, Georgia in 1994. Both of my parents were attending Toccoa Falls College at the time. When I was about 3 years old we moved to Snellville, Georgia where we loved for just a few years. I don't have many memories from our time in Snellville, but I do always remember playing soccer at Brisco Park and learning how to play on a swing on the swingset in the playground in my apartment complex. When I was 5 years old we moved to the little town of Elberton, Georgia. I lived there until I was 14 years old. After finishing middle school I moved to my mom's house in Winder, Georgia. I attended high school at Winder-Barrow High School where I graduated as an honor student and as part of the French honor's society. After high school I did my first year of college at a little school in Franklin Springs, Georgia called Emmanuel College. After my year there I moved to Athens, Georgia and attended Athens Tech for two years.

I moved to Lawrenceville in October of 2015. I moved back in with my father who joined a church as one of the pastors in January of 2015. I transferred to GGC spring of 2016, I have enjoyed my time here. I am currently a senior and attending full-time. I work at Grayson Coffee House as a Barista and manager.

Future Plans

I hope to graduate from GGC by next fall. I am pursuing an accounting degree but my girlfriend and I hope to open a coffee shop one day. No matter where I end up in life I just hope to always follow God's will and I have faith that He will lead to exactly where He'll need me.


Manchester city logo.jpg

Here are just some of my interests:

  • Jesus
  • Soccer
  • Family time
  • Watching Shows:
    • The Office
    • Star Wars: The Clone Wars
    • Parks and Rec
    • Bob's Burgers
    • The Last Kingdom

My dad is a pastor, so I grew up in a Christian household. Although they say that pastor's kids are always the wprst, and that may have even been true for me for some time, I have learned now to live for Jesus. I also grew up playing soccer, and so now I love to watch it and still play at least once a week. I love watching all sports, but when there isn't a sporting event to watch I'm usually watching funny shows on Netflix, spending time with my family or hanging out with my girlfriend.

Favorite Links

Colombia natural process coffee.jpg
  1. Manchester City
  2. Jittery Joe's Coffee Shop
  3. Atlanta Falcons
  4. Ravi Zacharias International Ministry

Here is my professor's and some of my classmates' pages:

Favorite Photos

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IMG 5478.JPG
IMG 0200.JPG

ITEC 2110 Digital Media Projects

  1. Image Project
  2. Audio Project
  3. Video Project
  4. 3D Project


Favorite Dish

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