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Neil Hilario (born November 9,1993) is a Biology Major with aspirations of becoming an ER Surgeon or Head of Diagnostics Medicine. Before attending GGC, Neil lived in the Bronx,New York and attended high school at Martin de Porres HS for 3 years.Before his senior year began, he moved to Lawrenceville, Georgia and attended Berkmar HS. He is currently without a job due to the fact that he is: a minor, not in possesion of a work permit,and stranded on campus. Nhilarioprofile.jpeg


Neil has many different intrest in a vareity of subject matters.


One many interst is in the form of listening and playing music. With a basic knowledge in music theory, he has taught himself how to play at least 6 differnt intstruments to a certain extent. Though his instrument of choice is the guitar and piano. His musical genre of choice is rock, he also enjoys other genres such as metal, hip-hop, spanish and dubstep.


In addition to music, Neil is an core gamer. Games of all types are ok,form platformmer to shooter, single to mmo. The game its self doesn't matter as long as its fun and challenging,he will play it.


Neil is also an avid otaku. Meaning that he is a japanese anime and manga nerd. His favorites include Death Note, Fullmetal Alchemist,Bakuman,Yu Yu Hakusho and One Piece to name a few.


Another intrest comes in the form of dance. Athough he is still learning, he enjoys to dance in forms of bachata, merengue, salsa and other forms of latin dance.

Favorite Links

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