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All About Me

All About Me--Odir Martinez

I am Odir Martinez I was born in Atlanta, Ga. I am 19 years who graduated in 2011. I’ve played four years of baseball throughout high school on varsity. I loved the sport growing being a braves fan al my life Puppy eats puppy.jpg

If i were a famous character...

If I was a famous person I would love to be Albert p. because he is such a great honest man and leader, also one of the greatest baseball players alive right now. He shows it out of the field as well with having foundations where he raises money for the community, and that’s the type of man I would like to become.

 Puppy eats puppy.jpg

what makes me speacial

One of my strengths I think is my ability to be a hard worker and never give up on certain situations. I am very funny person and goofy which I like to make people laugh. I am a very friendly person and just love to enjoy life.

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