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About Me

My name is Payton Lindsey. I am 18 years old, and I have a younger sister who is 13 years old. I am a pretty outgoing person, but I can be shy at times when I do not know someone. Just kidding that was a lie. I am a VERY outgoing person who loves to laugh and eat food. My favorite place to eat is Ninja because I love steak and white rice. My major that I am studying is Psychology, and to be more specific I am studying Behavioral Psychology. A lot of people tend to think that is a weird section to study because I will be working with people who potentially want to kill me, but to me it is very interesting. My main goal is to get very high up and be on the Behavioral Analyst branch of the FBI.



Things that interest me are outdoor activities. I love being outdoors. I usually go white water rafting, hiking, camping, rock climbing and I do other activities. Just a heads up everyone they offer free rock climbing every Thursday for GGC students...You're welcome. What I mainly enjoy doing is surfing. I got hooked onto surfing when I was in Maui,Hawaii. I was just in the ocean watching the natives surf for hours, and it looked so relaxing and fun so I tried it out. Now I go down to Jacksonville,Florida to go surfing, but I do not get to do it as much due to schooling. I enjoy hanging out with my friends because they never fail to make me laugh because sometimes they do pretty dumb things. I enjoy debating (arguing) with people because I know pretty much the right things to say to make that person angry with me. I am also interested in Matthew Gray Gubler. He is an amazing actor and deserves an oscar for his performances in my favorite tv show, Criminal minds. If you do not know who he is then click off of my page and search him up. I promise you will not be disappointed. My other interests are food and animals. I love to eat any kind of food and I can play and be happy with any kind of animal including snakes.

My favorite Links

[1]--- Follow me @pay_day11 [2]--- Follow me @payton_denisee [3]--- I enjoy this website because when I get bored I just go onto here and read scary stories before bed, and I end up not being able to sleep (: You should all try it. [4]--- I enjoy this website because there is an option to where you can take like personality quizzes and all kinds of quizzes and to me thats very entertaining. [5]--- I LOVE Netflix with a passion. I recommend Criminal Minds, but that is just me. [6]--- I enjoy this website because well......It is about me.

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