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                                                                                                     Roland Bernardine


Hello, my name is Roland Bernardine. I'm in my Third semester of college here at GGC. I plan on going here for 2 years and then transferring to UGA for my Marketing Major. I like to travel and managed to go to a lot of different places this year.

                                                                                     I like stuffed animals, this is one of my favorite ones.


                                               I love traveling, the day before the first day of class this semester, I just got back from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Me and Ben Franklin.jpg

Here are links to some of my friends pages.

A friend of mine who likes the outdoors and psychedelic celery.

Natalie Blackmon

I know a guy who's kinda purple. Check him out here.

Mufit Degirmenci

And here's a recipe for a Brownie that will help you make your very OWN brownies.

Rumble Tummy Brownie

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