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     1. 'Introduction' I'm currently a junior at Georgia Gwinnett College majoring in exercise science. I graduated from Meadow creek high school in the summer of 2013. I currently work, i am a personal trainer at La Fitness on Pleasant hill. When I graduate from college, I want to hopefully land a job as an athletic trainer for a sport team or for a University, Preferably the New England Patriots or Georgia State.
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    3.  'Interest ' I have many hobbies from working out, to listing to music, to even reading Japanese comics (manga).Currently, my favorite hobbies are competing in intramurals against other former athletes or just sport loving students, being a part of Georgia Gwinnett's African student association and all the activities they have in stored for the campus this year, and lastly whooping the tails of other students in video games in the game room, as you can tell I'm super competitive. 
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