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My name is Remy Osborn. No relation to Ozzy, sadly.

I'm a student with a desire to learn, and a hope for humankind.
Majoring in science, and mathematics, about to go into system security.

What? You want to know more? Well then. So do I.


  • Video Games
    • Puzzle
    • Adventure
    • Escape
    • Horror
    • Survival (especially Horror/Realism/Sci-Fi)
    • Idle/Clicker
    • Experimental/Unfinished
  • Puzzles
    • Mysteries
    • Riddles
    • Brain Twisters
  • Science Stuffs
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
      • Astronomy
      • Micro
    • Geology
    • Ecology
    • Alternative Energy Sources
    • Mathematics
  • Questioning Reality (and its use/lack of logic)
    • English language weirdness
    • Common(?) Sense
    • Deep thinking
    • Throwing fuel in a political/Philosophical debate. No, religion is not safe, but I'm a non-intrusive atheist.
      • However, that doesn't mean I won't retaliate if you try to convert me. Consider this the best warning you will get.
    • Virtual weirdness
    • Awkward Comparisons
    • Enigmas, Paradoxes, and Illusions, oh my!
  • Also, Logic.


When I get bored, I start googling things like this.

What annoys me more than anything is when things are NOT following a pattern.

So I find things that have symmetric appeal, or fractal-like formation.
Rosborn ITEC2110 Geothumb.png
I also like anything that breaks (or seems to break) the laws of reality.

So Optical Illusions are a personal fascination, as are instances

of "non-euclidean geometry"
Rosborn ITEC2110 BecauseScrewPhysicsThatsWhy.gif
I want to make a game that makes it obvious that what you see isn't

necessarily what you get.

I won't be the first, but I still want to do it.
Rosborn ITEC2110 Antichamber.gif

ITEC 2110 04 Digital Media Projects

  1. Wiki (don't bother clicking, you are already looking at it.)
  2. Audio
  3. Images
  4. Animation
  5. Video

Favorite Links

Budding Flash Animation and Game Developers (and their works as well)

Casual Game Site, sadly fallen on hard times, but used to be awesome.

A site for those who love geometry, and want to just fool around.

Twilight zone, move over. This is the collection of the SCP Foundation's 3000+ contained anomalies.

Be warned: not all are safe for work. (a scientific creepypasta assortment for sci-fi fans.)
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