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Hi! My name is Rachel. I am a business major here at GGC. I graduated from Loganville High School in 2014 and chose to attend Georgia Gwinnett College in order to stay home with my family. I work as a server at Irish Red Grill and Steakhouse. I have one dog, Peaches, and one cat, Pumba.


Night Out With Great Friends 6D2A9C2C-795F-4825-8236-6CD02B3C8A90.JPG
Zip Lining For Christmas D4748325-3D5B-43B4-8548-6D355D94C551.JPG
Enjoying The Work Christmas Party C6978AAD-E767-4C7D-8D9D-3FF9E21C86BB.JPG


  • running
  • spending time with family and friends
  • traveling

Favorite Links

  1. Dress Up
  2. Trip Advisor
  3. Instagram
  4. Spring 2016 ITEC 1001 Section 62
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