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Welcome to Randy Taylor's Wiki Page

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Myself and Jennifer Lawrence (I'm on the left). Just another night at Netherworld!!!


Well, I guess a little bit about me then...

I graduated from Collins Hill High School back in 2004. Yes, that would make me 28 years old...not too bad. I am a United States Marine (Retired) and have spent some time serving overseas in Cuba and Iraq. I have a, soon to be, 6 year old daughter named Alyssa who is my world. I feel as if my greatest accomplishment was when I became a father. I have many passions and hobbies ranging from acting,sports, reading, and gaming to just hanging around the house with friends and family. I am currently a sophomore at Georia Gwinnett College, and my major is in Special Education. I have worked for Gwinnett County Public Schools in the Special Ed department for 2 years, and have over 15 years of experience with my 3 autistic cousins. Below is a short list of my likes, passions and hobbies. Thanks for reading, as if you had a damn choice! ;)



Mask of the Phantom surrounded by smoke
Phantom of the Opera
Les Miserables
  • Theatre
    • A Lead Actor at Netherworld Haunted House; Vargas The Gargoyle (Shown Above)
    • Community Theatre, over 20 years experience. Some of the plays in which I had starring/supporting roles in are:
    1. Walmartopia- Miguel/Zeb
    2. Swift Fox: The Untold Story of Willie Boy- Randolph Madison
    3. The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe- Edmund
    4. Rumpelstiltskin- King Crippen
    5. The Little Match Girl- Brother of Little Match Girl
    6. Kiddlywinks- Ensemble
    • I aspire to act in one or both of these musicals: Phantom of The Opera and Les Miserables.
  • Sports
    • Both playing and Spectating!!!
    • Football- I really love the San Francisco 49ers!
    • Baseball- New York Yankees all the way!
    • Volleyball- Possibly my favorite summer sport to play, not too mention the best spectator sport!
    • Softball- So much fun to play in Leagues during the spring and fall.
  • Movies
    • It's so hard to just choose one I won't. I love them all! I guess you could say that I am pretty promiscuous with my movie watching...a metaphorical "Kim Kardashian" if you will. If I could get paid to just sit around and watch movies all day, I would...maybe as a summer job anyway...wouldn't want to drive myself insane or anything.
  • Music
    • I would have to say that my favorite types of music are Metal and Big Band Jazz. You will honestly find me blasting anything out of my jeep if the right mood strikes me right, but there is just something about Type O Negative, Rob Zombie, Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra that just really make life great. I know my taste may seem a little obscure to some, but hell no one said you have to ride with me during a road trip, so damn!
  • Gaming
    • Not going to lie here, I grew up during the major turning point of video game history. I love gaming in my free time, and that could range from several different console formats to online gaming. I think it's perfectly OK for every individual to have one (or many in my case) nerdy qualities...beware people, nerdy is the new sexy!
Blizzard Entertainment
Just as a courteous FYI, for any that may be looking the above logo with a slight bit of disdain, check out the list of celebrities who play the might surprise you. RIP Robin Williams.


  1. Project 2 (GIF Animation)
  2. Project 3 (Vector Graphics)
  3. Final Project (Educational Video Project)

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