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All About Me

My name is Robert Williams, I'm 19 years old and I am an undergratuate at GGC, Georgia Gwinnett College, as an ITEC major for a year. I graduated from Mountain View High School after being transferred from Collins Hill High School my at the end of my sophmore year. My plan is to transfer from GGC to Georgia State and major in Computer Information Systems. When i transfer to Georgia State, I plan to play football. After my three years at Georgia State I want to live out my dream and go to the NFL. I'm pretty much a very athletic person. I ran track in high school and was playing football, but had to stop due to a surgery on my right shoulder dealing with my rotators cup and my ligament.


My interests are sports, food, and girls. My favorite sport is football out of every sport. Then my second favorite is track, i am a fast runner and I love to become faster and faster. I love food. I like try new foods from around the world that are spicy and that would please my eyes. My favorite type of food is Chinese. Chicken or shrimp fried rice and the fried chicken are my favorite dishes. Like most guys, i have an attraction for girls. Girls aren't the most important thing in my life, but I see it as an opportunity to see which ones i will be able to get with the ones I like.Mostly when I'm not doing homework or chores that I have to do, I like to chill with my friends at the mall, play games, play football, or workout. These activities help me relax and escape the hassles of college life or any other working environments.

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Oh The Humanity


Animated Heart

Favorite Links

Some of my favorite links deals with clothes, sports, or types of schools I look at to decide if i want to go there. An example is ESPN, I come here to check up on recent football scores to see if one of the teams i watch won or not. My next favorite link is Nike's home page. They show types of Nike brand clothing and shoes, as well as Jordan apparel. Then I have my dream school link, Georgia State. I want to go here to play football and hopefully make it to the NFL.

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