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My name is Shakeem Bailey, I'm an exercise science major. I am currently a full time student at Georgia Gwinnett College(GGC). I graduated from Shiloh High School, class of 2011. My family and I moved to Georgia from New York when I was the age of 11 and I been in the city of Snellville ever since. I do work at a tuxedo rental store called Savvi located in Snellville, so I have some experience with retail and buisness. I also plan to become a physical therapist after I'm finished with college and my degree is obtained. Most of my motivation came from my parents, my older brother, older cousin, and last but not least God.

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Shiloh High School

I graduated from Shiloh High School. My class I won"Best Eyes". I was well known and liked at Shiloh and left with a good reputation.



Some of my hobbies include playing basketball, its keeps me physically in shape. I love to watch movies. My Favorite movies are Kung Foo Panda, Next friday, and Friday After Next. I also love to chill with friends. Im a big peoples person. I love being around people. Im also love to collect sneakers. i am a show fanatic.

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