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Dr. Sonal Dekhane


Dr. Sonal Dekhane is an Assistant Dean of School of Science and Technology and an Associate Professor of Information Technology at Georgia Gwinnett College (GGC). Dr. Dekhane's teaching philosophy is based on the age-old Chinese proverb: Give a hungry man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a hungry man to fish and feed him forever. Dr. Dekhane believes in guiding and encouraging her students to become life-long independent learners. Her interests lie in the areas of data mining, software engineering, mobile application development and software engineering education. Her research has been presented at various national and international conferences including International Conference on Data Mining(DMIN), International Conference on Frontiers in Education: Computer Science and Computer Engineering(FECS) and IADIS International Conference on Mobile Learning. Her research has also been published in journals such as Journal of Information Systems Education and International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning. She is involved in curriculum development, program assessment and STEM Outreach initiatives at GGC. Dr. Dekhane is the faculty advisor of student organization, Women in IT @ GGC (WIT@GGC)

Contact Information

  • Email:
  • Work cell phone: 678-516-6107
  • Office location: C-1315


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Computer Science, Aug 2004-May2007, Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
  • Master of Science, Computer Science, Aug 2001-May 2004, Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, LA
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Aug 1996-Aug 2000, University of Mumbai, Mumbai, India


  • GGC Annual Outstanding Faculty – Student Engagement Award, 2015
  • Faculty advisor of student teams that won the Best Student Leadership Corp, STARS Alliance, August 2015
  • Blackboard Catalyst Award-Mobile Innovations, Blackboard, 2012
  • TAG Excalibur Award-Educational, Technology Association of Georgia, 2011
  • Governor’s Teaching Fellow, University of Georgia, Summer 2011
  • Nominated for Excellence in Service award, Georgia Gwinnett College, 2009
  • Graduate Research Excellence Award, Tulane University, 2007

Book Chapters

  • Dekhane, S., Tsoi, M., & Johnson, C. (2016). Mobile Application Development by Students to Support Student Learning. In D. Parsons (Ed.), Mobile and Blended Learning Innovations for Improved Learning Outcomes (pp. 223-246). IGI Global.
  • Pursell, D., Pennington, R., Sloop, J., Tsoi, M., Paredes, J. and Dekhane, S. Engaging 21st Century Students in Undergraduate Organic Chemistry. Book chapter in Advances in Teaching Organic Chemistry, 2012, American Chemical Society (ACS) Books: Washington, DC


  • Dekhane, S., and Napier, N., Impact of participation vs non-participation in a programming boot camp (PBC) on women in computing, Journal of Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges. (Accepted)
  • Dekhane, S., Napier, N., and Nagel, K., Impacting Persistence In Computing With A Programming Boot Camp, Journal of Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, 32 (5), 178-184, 2017.
  • Dekhane, S., Xu, X. and Tsoi, M. Y. Mobile App Development to Increase Student Engagement and Problem Solving Skills. Journal of Information Systems Education, Winter 2014, Vol. 24 Issue 4, pgs 299-308.
  • Dekhane, S. and Xu, X. Engaging Students in Computing Using GameSalad: A Pilot Study. Journal of Consortium of Colleges in Computing Sciences-South Eastern (CCSC SE), December 2012, Vol 28, No. 2, pgs 117-123.
  • Dekhane, S. and Tsoi, M. Designing a Mobile Application for Conceptual Understanding: Integrating Learning Theory with Organic Chemistry Learning Needs. International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning, July-Sept 2012, Vol 4, No. 3, pgs 34-52.
  • Napier, N., Dekhane, S. and Smith, S. Transitioning to Blended Learning: Understanding Student and Faculty Perceptions. Journal of Asynchronous Learning Networks, Feb 2011, Vol 15, Issue 1, pgs 20-32.

Refereed Proceedings

  • Dekhane, S., Napier, N., and Nagel, K., Programming Boot Camp to Retain Women in IT: An Experience Report. In proceedings Research on Equity and Sustained Participation in Engineering, Computing, and Technology (RESPECT), 2016, Atlanta, Aug 11-13, 2016.
  • Dekhane, S. and Price, R. Course-Embedded Research In Software Development Courses. In proceeding SIGCSE 2014 45th ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education, Atlanta, March 2014.
  • Tsoi, M., Dekhane, S., Pursell, D. "Meeting Students' Needs In-House: An Interdisciplinary, Authentic Mobile App Software Development Project with Peers As Clients". CUR (Council of Undergraduate Research) Quarterly, Winter 2013.
  • Dekhane, S. and Belkhouche, B. Automated Prototype Generation from Object-Oriented Designs. In proceeding 25th International Conference on Systems and Software Engineering and Applications, Paris, France, November 2013.
  • Pollacia, L., Heinz, A., Kakish, K. and Dekhane, S. Active Learning Modules to Improve Retention in Introductory Computing Courses. In proceedings Information Systems Educators Conference 2012, New Orleans, November 2012.
  • Jenkins, J., Brannock, E., Cooper, T., Dekhane, S., Hall, M. and Ngyuen, M. Perspectives on Active Learning and Collaboration: JavaWIDE in the Classroom. In proceedings Association of Computing Machinery SIG Computer Science Education, Raleigh, North Carolina, March 2012.
  • Tsoi, M. and Dekhane, S. TsoiChem: A Mobile Application To Facilitate Student Learning in Organic Chemistry. In proceedings 11th International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, Athens, GA, July 2011.
  • Dekhane, S. and Tsoi, M. TsoiChem: Mobile Application for Learning Functional Groups. In proceedings IADIS Mobile Learning 2011, Avila, Spain, March 2011.
  • Smith, S., Dekhane, S. and Napier, N. Blended Learning Patterns for Course Design. In proceedings Association of Information Systems SIGED-International Academy for Information Management, Saint Louis, Missouri, December 2010.
  • Dekhane, S. and Tsoi, M. Work in Progress - Inter-disciplinary Collaboration for a Meaningful Experience in a Software Development Course. In proceedings IEEE Frontiers in Education, Arlington, Virginia, October 2010.
  • Dekhane, S., Napier, N., Nagel, K., Jenkins, J. Beyond Computer Literacy: Designing and Assessing IT Fluency at a Liberal Arts College. In proceedings Frontiers in Education: Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2009, pgs 424-430.
  • Dekhane, S. Using Web 2.0 as a Motivating Theme for an IT Fluency Course. In proceedings Frontiers in Education: Computer Engineering and Computer Science, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2009, pgs 452-456.
  • Dekhane, S. Updating Technique for Association Rules in Incremental Databases. In proceedings International Conference on Data Mining, Las Vegas, Nevada, July 2007, pgs 134-140.
  • Belkhouche, B., and Dekhane, S., Analysis Goal Expression Language. In proceedings 45th ACM Southeast Regional Conference, North Carolina, USA, March 2007, pgs 53-58.

Recent Presentations

  • Napier, N., Dekhane, S., Nagel, K. and Brannock, E. Experience Report: Implementing a Mini-Boot Camp to Prepare Students for Programming, Poster presented at GGC CTE 2016 Teaching and Learning Day, March 18, 2016.
  • Napier, N., Nagel, K., Dekhane, S. and Xu, X. Building Technical Leaders through Service: Implementing the STARS Computing Corps Model, Birds of a Feather session, TAPIA 2016.
  • Dekhane, S., Nagel, K. and Napier, N. Summer Programming Boot Camp To Retain Women In Computing, Birds of a Feather session, TAPIA 2016.
  • Nagel, K., Dekhane, S. and Napier, N. Can Programming Boot Camp Help Under-represented College Students Succeed in Computing Degrees? Birds of a Feather at ACM SIGCSE 2015, Kansas City, March 2015.
  • Dekhane S., Nagel, K. and Napier, N. Summer Programming Boot Camp: A Strategy for Retaining Women in IT. Poster presented at ACM SIG Computer Science Education 2015, Kansas City, March 2015.
  • Dekhane, S. and Johnson, C. Using Mobile Apps to Support Novice Programming Students. Poster presented at ACM SIG Information Technology Education 2014, Atlanta, October 2014.


  • PI on Women in Technology Foundation sponsored grant, GGC Women in IT Boot Camp, 2017.
  • Co-PI on STEM Mini Grant CURE, Introduction to Problem-Solving Through Software Development Life-Cycle, 2017.
  • Co-PI on GGC VPASA Seed Grant, Assessing Long-term Impact of the WIT Programming Boot Camp, 2017.
  • 2016-2020. An Institutional Model for Increasing Student Engagement through Course-embedded Undergraduate Research Experiences. NSF Award ID 1623779.  Award: $1,629,924. Role: Senior Personnel. Research Question: In what ways and to what extent does implementing a Peer Tutoring Intervention Program (PTIP) as an integrated component of the 4YrURCE improve student learning and retention?  Responsibilities: Recruitment, management, and training of PSI Student Leaders, and assessment of the PTIP.
  • PI on Women in Technology Foundation sponsored grant, Women in IT Summer Boot Camp, March 2015.
  • Faculty advisor on National Center for Women and Information Technology Student Seed Grant to support WIT @ GGC RSO events to increase student engagement, community building and offer professional development opportunities to IT students, March 2015.
  • PI on National Center for Women and Information Technology and Microsoft Research sponsored grant, Women in IT Boot Camp, February 2014.
  • Co-PI on GGC STEM Mini grant renewal proposal Mobile Game Development: Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Promote Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, July 2013.
  • PI on GGC STEM Mini grant renewal proposal Mobile Game Development: Using Cutting-Edge Technology To Increase Student Interest In Computing, July 2012.
  • PI on GGC STEM Mini Grant Continuing Exposure to Software Engineering Research in ITEC 3870 and ITEC 4860, July 2012.
  • Co-PI on GGC STEM Mini Grant Meeting Students' Needs In-House: Software Development with Peers As Clients to Increase Research Skills, January 2012.
  • PI on GGC STEM Mini grant proposal Mobile Game Development: Using Cutting-Edge Technology To Increase Student Interest In Computing, August 2011.
  • PI on GGC VPASA Seed grant Meeting Students' Need In-house: Software development internship with peers as clients, February 2010.

IT Student Engagement

  • Initiator and coordinator of Tech Talk, a bi-monthly seminar series: Fall 2010 - Fall 2012
  • Founder and faculty advisor of Women in IT @ GGC (WIT@GGC): Fall 2014 - Present
  • Faculty advisor and instructor of Technology Ambassadors Program (TAP): Fall 2013 - Present
  • Coordinator, Peer Supplemental Instruction for ITEC 2140 (Programming Fundamentals), Fall 2017 - Present

Selected Student Posters and Presentations

  • Workshop at USG Teaching and Learning conference 2017: Technology Ambassadors Program – A Service Learning Course to Support Students in Computing
    • Za Eng Mawi, Sehrish Amanaullah, Jessica Sok and Kingston Castillo
  • Presentations at GGC CREATE Symposium, 2017: STEM Outreach Using Cutting-edge Technology: Drones, Makey Makey and Processing
    • STEC 4800 students
  • Demost at GGC SST STaRS, 2017: Fun with Technology
    • STEC 4800 students
  • Kiser, K., Copas, K., Burt, L. and Dekhane, S. Teaching CS Concepts Without Computers: Using CS Unplugged As A Recruitment Tool. Poster presented at ACM Consortium of Computing Sciences Colleges – South East, Charleston, SC, November 2014.

Service: Committee Chair at GGC

  • STEM Outreach Committee, August 2014-May 2015
  • Digital Media Course Coordinator, August 2013-May 2015
  • IT Council of Professors (COPs), August 2011 – May 2013
  • IEE Goal 3 Committee, August 2011-May 2012
  • IT Software Development Goal Team, January 2009-May 2011
  • Asian Awareness Week Planning Committee, August 2008-December 2008
  • ITEC 1001 Committee, August 2008 – December 2008
  • ITEC1001 Textbook Selection Subcommittee, August 2008 – December 2008

Courses I Teach at GGC


Some Great Moments at GGC

CCSC Conference, November 2014
Flaunting our mobile app, April 2011
Building A Computer, Spring 08
Field Trip, Boot Camp 2014
Boot Camp Tutoring, Summer 2014
ITEC 3860 Field Trip, Sage, Summer 09
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