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Sybill Johns


I was born on October 28 in Silver Spring, Maryland. I moved to Georgia in 2007. I graduated from Brookwood High School in 2015. I am currently a junior at Georgia Gwinnett College. My major is nursing and I want to specialize in neonatal care. I plan to minor in Spanish. I love to binge watch movies and television with friends and family during my free time. I also like to take care of babies and children. I have two younger siblings. My favorite colors are blue and green. My favorite season is autumn.

My Interest

  • Jesus
  • Working with kids
  • Listening to music
  • Binge watching movies and T.V. shows
  • Sports
    • Basketball
    • Swimming

My Favorite Links

  1. Google
  2. Amazon
  3. Pintrest
  4. Youtube
  5. Netflix

My Favorite Photos

A2GlHDR4v8eK11HQrX2I-m-Mhzg.jpg [Link ] IMG 7987.JPG My Brother & I Guelaguetza3.jpg [Link ]

ITEC2110 digital Media Projects

  1. Image Project
  2. Audio Project
  3. Video Project
  4. 3D Project

My Professor's Page

Dr. Yaquan(Andy) Xu

Class List

Section 18

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