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My best friend Katie and I



Hello everyone. My name is Michelle or So Jeong in Korean. I was born in Busan, Korea, and moved to Seoul, when I was three years old. My family moved so many times that I attended four elementary schools when I was a kid. My family came to the States when I was thirteen years old. We first came to Maryland and after a year, moved to Georgia. Since then, I have been living in Georgia. I am currently attending the University of Georgia and Georgia Gwinnett College. I am a philanthropic person. I love humanity. My goal of life is to spread love as much as I can. One interesting thing about me is that my birthday is January 1st, 1991. So many 1's! It is special, but I feel bad when people say Happy New Year instead of Happy Birthday.


Welshcorgi1.jpg Welshcorgi2.jpg Welshcorgi3.jpg

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  • I love dogs. My favorite kinds of dog are welsh corgi and west highland terrier. The first thing I will do when I own my house is to buy at least two dogs.
  • I love traveling, but only had been to cities in the States and South Korea.
  • I would like to travel to Italy and Spain this summer, if possible.
  • My favorite books are Essays in Love by Alain de Botton, Le Papillon des etoiles by Bernard Werber, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
  • My favorite color is white.

Future Plan

  • My major is exercise science and I am planning to go to a graduate school to get a doctor's degree in physical therapy.
  • I am especially interested in rehabilitation for elderly patients.
  • I wish I could go to one of the PT schools in east coast because a lot of my friends live there and I like the big-city setting.

Favorite Place

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Favorite Dish

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Favorite Food


  • One of my favorite restaurants is Blue Bella in New York. It is an authentic Italian restauranta. It has the best tunar tartar and its signature pizza.


  • I love macaroons. Lduree and Bottega Louie have the best macaroons!
  • Burger 21 near Mall of Georgia has pretty good handmade burgers.
  • Peking duck is one of my favorite foods.

How To Make Favorite Dish

Favorite Links

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