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Hi High! Welcome to my Wiki page!!

My Brother's Graduation Pink Hue Selfie Time Purple Happy Virus

My name is Steven Luong and I'm 21 years old, born on September 3rd, 1996, and I'm half American and half Vietnamese. I'm usually the quiet type when it comes to meeting new people so many people assume that I'm really shy and reserved. That's never the case when I'm with people I befriend or known for a long time. I can be very loud and expressive when I'm with people I am very comfortable with. When I was little, I always had a creative mind when it came to things I could create with my hands. I was never into anything athletic so I never played sports, however I did occasionally bike on my spare time. But most of the time, I was inside either drawing, doodling, painting, anything that involved with my mind and creativity. To this day, it is still evolving and branching out to other things for the work field like teamwork, technical things, leadership, etc. Being in Digital Media, I'm curious as to what I will learn and can do that can benefit my future, my career, and myself.


2012 Christmas
  1. My parents were born in Vietnam and have lived there for all their lives before they met each other, got married, and moved to Georgia where they settled here for over 25 years.
  2. I have two siblings: one younger brother(born on September 22nd, 1999) and one older sister(born on June 25th, 1993) so I'm the middle child.
  3. For pets, I have a ton of goldfishes because my mom loves taking care of fishes in general. They're suppose to be good luck for you so I guess that's why my mom loves taking care of them.


HS Graduation 2015 (P.S. that watermark is my online username)

I've graduated from Berkmar High School in May 2015 and attended Georgia Gwinnett College in Fall 2015. Before college though, I wanted to study about Fashion and Art because I love to sew and draw and I always liked the creativity in both fields. But at the time, there were many complications in terms of schools, tuitions, rent, finance, limitations, time management, etc. so I attended Georgia Gwinnett College because the tuition was less expensive and plus, it was closer to home. Maybe in my future, I would like to go into those fields but I will have to see. Anyways, I looked at GGC's majors and decided to choose Accounting which I don't understand why since it wasn't part of what I liked to do. At the time, I didn't have a plan so I chose that major first because I heard about it from my sister when she was in school going for her business degree and thought, "Hey, if she can do it, why can't I?". However, somewhere along the way, I felt that the major was not for me because I was never an expert in Math and feeling the pressure, competitiveness, and intensity of the major, I switched to Business Management. What made me decide to switch majors was that I felt my new major could potentially benefit the skills I've had since birth such as communication, organization, planning, and of course creativity but and also help me gain confidence in presenting myself, managing my time, and being a team leader.


  • Like I said, I like to draw, color, sew, and scrapbook on my free time. I find all of these really therapeutic for me because it's always relaxing to sit down and just create something with my own hands. It's also another way for me to express myself.
  • I also enjoy photography because I always like to capture something in the moment. It's like the saying goes, "a picture is worth a thousand words."
  • I love listening to music. I cannot go a day without music whether I'm at home, school, grocery store, mall, car, etc. You'll probably always see me with my earbuds on or hear loud music blasting in my car.
  • I really like to go biking. I use to bike a lot around my grandma's neighborhood when I went there. Nowadays I'm too busy dealing with life to go biking but maybe someday, I'll pick up on that hobby again.

Passion For Kpop

As you all may know from the buttons on my bookbag, I am in love with Kpop. I've been a dedicated fan of it since 2010 from high school all the way to this day so you can pretty much say, I entered the Kpop world and there's no escape whatsoever. There's always a joke from my family that someday when I'm older, I'll grow out of it but that has never happened and I don't see it happening any time soon. I have many merchandises related to it such as buttons on my bag, a pencil pouch, several posters on two of my bedroom wall, a binder full of printed Kpop pictures, and my laptop full of Kpop pictures and music of many groups. Over the years, I have listened to over 100 Kpop groups, known each and every single member of said groups, and expressed about my dedication on social media. Not to show a thousand pictures of each group but some groups that I enjoy listening to are (hovering over the images will show the group's name):

BTS LOONA EXO Red Velvet Blackpink Stray Kidz VIXX Seventeen Monsta X

ITEC2110 Digital Media Projects

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