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Project 4 Part 1

My friend Bob is lost in the woods with his ball.

Image 1.png

Project 4 Part 2

Bob's friend is yellow and also is lost in the woods

Image 2.png

Bob's ball turns into a blue object with holes in it as Bob is no where to be found.

Image 3.png

Bob is reunited with all his lost friends and they celebrate together.

Image 4.png

Project 4 Part 3

This is my Blender-created animation.
It is an animation of Bob being lost in the woods on a windy night.
The background is a plane that was downloaded to look like woods. Bob was created by taking a sphere, adding small cylinders for eyes and a torus for a hat. In Bob's quest to find his way out of the woods he rotates as he moves across the woods. There is a light inside the torus. One of the animated trees has a base made from a cylinder. Another tree has a second light inside the cone that moves with it as it tumbles.

This is the smaller (200 by 150) animation


Click to download this smaller version

This is the larger (400 by 300) animation


Click to download this larger version

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