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My full name is Samuel Joseph Patraker. I was born in Georgia, but most of my family is from New York. My great grandparents immigrated to America, in the earlier 1900's, from Poland. Also, I am jewish. I do not consider myself religious, but I do enjoy the cultural excepts and the history of the religion. Furthermore, I am an only child, but I grow-up in a very welcoming and open house, so it usually just wasn't my family staying at my house. Currently, I am attending GGC for a degree in math education. GGC is the third college I have attended, and I intend on finish my degree at this university. Hopefully, I'll graduate within the next two year, and start teaching high school.


Hobbies (currently)

Shredding the Gnar

  • I started skateboarding when I was in 5th grade
  • I was never extremely good, but still enjoy casually skating from time to time
  • Camp Woodward
    • One summer, I did work at an extreme sports camp in California for 3 weeks, and if I wasn't scheduled to help with camp, then I got open access to the facilities.
  • Pipe of Gnarnia
    • Back in high school, two friends and I built a half pipe in my back yard, and it managed to stand strong for many years, until the wood became too rotted, and we had to tear it down. It still lives on in our hearts' though.

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Making sounds

  • I started playing guitar in the 6th grade, which was my first instrument
  • over the years, I bought a drumset, keyboards, more guitars, a bass, large amps, and other miscellaneous items that make noise.
  • Over the years, I learned how to use recording software, and have recored a few complete songs.
  • Always down for a jam.

Hobbies (over the years)

  • Tried almost every sport when I was a child.
  • Tae Kwon Do, is the sport I stayed committed too for the longest period of time.
    • I achieved receiving my black belt, and competed in the Junior Olympics.

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