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About me


My name is Shawn Pommachack and I'm currently a full-time student at Georgia Gwinnett College.I attended Mill Creek High School located in Hoschton, Georgia and graduated in 2017.


My major currently is in Cell and Biotechnology in hopes to become/study Optomology in the future. I chose to become an Optometrist because I always wanted to help others and I felt that an Optometrist can really change someone's life.


Some things I currently like to do on my free time are:


I have been taking professional pictures for about 5 months now and have grown a passion for it. I've learned so many new things from photography and hopefully can do it as a side profession one day.


I wasn't a huge reader until the end of senior year of high school. Then I started reading series and quickly fell in love with reading books on my free time.


I have been doing Colorguard for about 4 years now and I've never enjoyed an activity as much as guard. I have so much passion for it and hope to continue it in the future.
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My Favorite websites!

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