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Dr. Stella Smith

Stella and Grizzlie.jpg

Professor and Furry Friend (Prof on the right)

My Classes

Short Bio

My career began in health care working as a Department Head at the University of Rochester Medical Center. My husband and I moved to North Carolina, where I worked for many years as an Administrative Officer for the City of Charlotte Information Systems Department. After moving to Georgia and completing my MBA, I decided that college teaching would give me the opportunity to share my experiences with students. I earned my doctorate at Georgia State University, the newest football power in Georgia! I have taught for many years and been recognized with state and national awards for my teaching expertise. At the college, I was the first Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence and in that capacity I was able to apply my practical experiences in the “real world” and my theoretical grounding to work with faculty and students in the design and implementation of creative learning environments.

I have returned to the classroom as a full time professor of Information Technology; my greatest satisfaction derives from the time I spend in the classroom with GGC students. As a professor I have teaching responsibilities that have included teaching introductory courses like Web Technologies and Introduction to Computing and upper level courses like Digital Commerce.

My Interests


I'm a first-generation Greek American so I have close ties to Greece and family members there. I have visited a number of times. My favorite spot in Greece is Monemvasia. The views from the mountaintop are spectacular and the old city is fun to explore. Greece has incredible sites-- both ancient and modern. Go to Athens to see the Parthenon but don't miss the nightlife at the Plaka, the old city snuggled at the side of the Parthenon.Another favorite place is Hanoi, Vietnam. It's really a lovely city that shows the influence of the French, who occupied the country for many years. Halong Bay is a beautiful, scenic destination if you visit the coastal areas of VietNam. People live on those fishing boats; the sea provides them their livelihood.


I love the American Southwest.

My contact information follows:

  • Office location--Library, 3rd Floor, L-3126
  • Office phone--678-407-5720
  • Cell phone--404-849-2357
  • Email Me
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