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I was born in the year 1980 in the great state of Tennessee. I have two sons and a daughter. I moved to Georgia six years ago, and began going to GGC to further my education as a game show host.


  • I have been a mountain biker since I was old enough to loose my training wheels. Every free weekend I get, I head up to the mountains with my husband and hit the trails.
  • I love my children, and I am kept busy with their frequent activities.
  • I enjoy reading and taking vacations to the beach, which I tend to take less often than I would like.
  • One thing I admire is the beauty of a sunset.


Favorite Links

  • For all the information you want/need to know about the sport of mountain biking, check out this site!

Extreme Biking Homepage

  • This site has helped me out multiple times. Use it to search just about any topic you need information about.

Wikipedia Homepage

Other Courses I Am Taking

English 1001

History 2111

POLS 1101

GGC 1000

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