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Hi I'm Tyreece Ahmed. I Went to Duluth high school class of 2015. I'm currently changing majors I don't know what I want to do so I'm try somethings out. Currently working at a grossery store it sucks. . After college I want buy a home, save money to one day be able to travel the world, be able support to my mother and father for all that they done for me, and be able to have time for other hobbies.



I got into gaming at a very young age. I and loved it ever seen. My favorite games some are the metriod series, megaman x,mario, leageue of legends, Devil may cry


I into amine from watching toonami as a kid. My favorite amine cowboy bebep, my hero academia, samurai champloo,gurren lagann,and One Punch Man.


I started playing tennis when I was 16, because the apartments I used to live in give free lessons. I went all the time and I learned it was fun to play. I play for my Duluth high school JV tennis 2013. I haven't played much these days game' but still go to hit the ball on the wall. I always wanted to join ALTA ,but I don't have a car so not possible at this time.


Right now I have been listen to a lot of Nujabes,some J-pop, some rap, some EDM, and jazz. I used to play in concert band in high school.I played the trombone i dont play it anymore. I own a sax and paino, but I don't touch them very often may like 10 times a month because it hard to learn.


I think it was my Interest that came from the gaming and the amine, but I can't draw. Right now I'm trying to learn to draw my using some books I found on amazon.


I don't why I just like styling clothing.favorite brands right now are Gosha Ruchinskiy and Comme Des Garcons. These days it try to do so different styles one is street wear and the other is more formal.

Favorite Links

/streetwearreddit / ITEC1001-83

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