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Hey there! My name is Taylor Edson. I have a pet dinosaur named Booger. She is extremely playful and especially loves to play fetch with huge bones!

me riding a statue elephant on a miniature golf course in Panama City Beach

My Family

My family is also a huge part of my life since they mean the world to me. My parents are now retired from their careers as lawyers and now reside in Hawaii. We don't get to see each other very often now a days, but we keep in touch through telegrams. My sister, Lauren, is a famous mathematician in London and has a passion for parrots. I personally hate love them!

my mom, my sister, and me at the Birmingham Zoo

My Friends

I don't like artificial people, so I only have a few, very close friends. Emily Wright is a little crazy and a bit obsessed with cats, but I still love her. The little trio I have includes, Emily, me, and my other friend, Lauren Carter. Lauren owns her own business and she's always on the go, but she always makes time for Em and me. My other close girlfriend, Stephanie Medeiros is the sweetest girl you'll ever meet. Her obsession is Tinkerbell and collects anything and everything with Tink on it. She even has a tattoo of her!

I really just enjoy making fun (and sometimes) outrageous memories with friends
My friend, Roy and me just having a good time

My Work

I work in space as an astronaut. It's quite the commute, the work is incredible though. All day I get to explore the unknown, collect samples from various planets, measure a large variety of asteroids, and much much more! I think my favorite part of my job is when I get scheduled for an overnight shift and I hang out on the moon, exploring with my partner (you always have to travel with a partner so you don't just start floating off into space). Space itself just fascinates me almost to the point of obsession. If it weren't for Booger, astronomy would consume my entire life!


Right now I'm a sophomore attending Georgia Gwinnett College majoring in astronomy (obviously). Once I receive my degree I will be able to explore on the moon without a partner! You get a lot more privileges and respect in general once you have a degree.

My Interests

  • My favorite hobby has to be dusting for fossils. I think it's my most enjoyable past time because Booger loves to tag along and help. Since she's the last dinosaur on earth she, understandably so, gets extremely excited when we find remains of her old friends.
  • I also like playing polo with friends. I've always had a love for horses. So to combine horseback riding with a competitive sport really pumps me up!
  • When I visit my parents in Hawaii, if I have time, I really enjoy going deep sea diving. It's just like another version of space because to most of us, it's just as unknown as the stars and planets up above.
  • Over the past few years, frozen yogurt shops have consistently been popping up all over the place. So another past time for Booger and I (since yogurt is okay for dinosaurs to eat) is to go try out the different places and decide which place and/or flavor are our favorites. Sometimes we don't agree on flavor choice, but that's why they have so many to choose from in the first place!
  • If I'm having a sleepover with any of my girlfriends, I always bring several board games. They are my absolute favorite because once you buy them, they're free to play over and over again! I think my favorite is Mall Madness. I am bomb when it comes to playing that game.
dusting for fossils in the bottom of a canyon

Future Plans

I love my life just the way it is. So for me, ideally, I would just want to keep researching space and exploring it while finishing my undergrad in astronomy. I have two goals regarding my work. The first is to make sure that Pluto is reinstated to the solar system as a planet once again instead of being degraded as a moon. At this point that would involve being able to travel all the way out there which is quite a goal in itself. My second is to one day be able to bring Booger with me. On some of my longer trips I'm gone for weeks at a time and I know that she doesn't enjoy me being gone because then "strangers" have to come watch her. I think she would be okay going up in the space shuttle...it's more a matter of, can the space shuttle accommodate the room she would take up and all that extra weight. I'm pretty determined though since this would combine my two true loves!

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