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All About Me

All About Me...Tony Mootoo

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My name is Tony Mootoo. I am a freshman at GGC, and in my third semister. I am pursuing a degree in electrical/design engineering.
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I am currently working for Ingersoll Rand-Hussmann as an Electrical Technician. This sector is located in Suwanee, and manufactures refrigeration equipment for major supermarkets like Kroger, Wal-Mart, Target and many other grocery retailers in North America. I am the eldest of three children; I have one brother and one sister. I was born and raised in Guyana, in the City of Georgetown.
It is located on the Continent of South America along the Atlantic coast. My experiences growing might be quite different to many of you. I played in the mud, rolled bicycle rims in the streets and swam in trenches for fun. Sometimes our toys were simple house hold items. I remember making my own toy car from match boxes and soda bottle corks. I even made my own whistling kites for Easter. I have to admit those were the good old days. To better understand my cultural background visit: When I moved to the United States, I lived and worked in New York for ten years and then relocated to Georgia five years ago.

If I was a Famous Character

I have never been the kind to idolize anyone, expect for my grandfather, god rest his soul. He was a very wise man, well-spoken and had a great sense of humor.
He never talked much, but when he did I was crackling with laughter. He always said “If you don’t have anything good to say don’t say anything.”

What makes me special

My strengths are I am very strong willed and determined. Also, I believe I am safety conscious and organized. I always try to think ahead; if you do (X) it can result in (Y). Two of my greatest accomplishments are coming to the United States, and attending College, I did not attend High School in the US, and being a college student is a great privilege. One of my favorite things to is fixing stuff, I always something to fix in or around the house. I also enjoy being with friends and family. I believe a special characteristic about me is I am easy to get along with and I NOT easily offended.

Contact Information

Phone: 917.432.7351

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