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My name is Tyronne Wells and I am currently a student at Georgia Gwinnett College. I am currently majoring in Pre-Nursing. Before going to college i attending three different high schools. First I attended centennial high school, then Roswell and lastly Mill Creek. changing schools so much was difficult to handle but I eventually became adjusted to it. I have two little brothers and a beautiful mother. My youngest brother is 7 and is in the first grade while my other brother is 16 in the tenth grade. my mother is currently a nurse which is what I am majoring in a the moment, but I believe I want to drift more towards the sports medicine side.




I hold a great interest in football. not only do i love to watch it but i also use to play it throughout grade school. many of my friends have gone to play college football at big schools and i love watching them play on television. football will always hold a great place in my heart.


I personally think cars are amazing. I like how fast certain cars can go and the build of the car. my dream car is the Corvette Stingray and i hope to purchase one later in the future. i also go to car shows every once in the while to see the best cars in the area. cars are just a topic that catches my attention.


I love to travel and visit new places. i eventually want to see the world and different cultures. while traveling the world you can see many new and beautiful things and i want to be able to experience that.

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