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Hello, I am Tori I am going to Georgia Gwinnett College for early childhood education. I am a very happy person and my friends describe me as brightening a room when I walk into a room. I come from a loving and fun family; they have supported me always and made me who I am today. Summer is my favorite season because I hate the cold. I have always lived in Georgia, but I have traveled to many places. I am a very active person and always down to do almost anything. My favorite color is yellow because it reminds of the sun and the sun makes me happy. I love to tie dye. I have done quite a few things; socks, shirts, a bookbag, and bed sheets.

The reason I've always wanted to be an elementary school teacher is because when a child begins school they have few learning skills and I am able to mold and teach them to enjoy learning. I just want to make an impact in each of their lives. Kids are so fascinating because they are so full of hope and imagination. Another reason I want to be a teacher is because kids can also teach you too. Also, watching them blossom either in your class or throughout the school is awesome to be able to witness.

My Interest

  • Faith
  • Outdoors
    • Hanging at the lake or the ocean
    • Snowboarding
    • Hiking
    • Camping
    • Disc Golf
  • Sports
    • Tumbling (Gymnastics)
    • Soccer
    • Rec Softball
  • Playing the Banjo

Favorite Web Site

  1. GGC
  2. YouTube
  3. Netflix
  4. Hulu
  5. Amazon

Favorite Photos

My Favorite View VarnoldPic1.jpg
My Favorite Dessert VarnoldPic2.jpg
My Favorite Animal VarnoldPic3.jpg
My Family VarnoldPic4.JPG
My Boyfriend and I VarnoldPic8.JPG

Favorite Tunes

Favorite Videos

  1. How is Prangent Formed
  2. Let Me See What You Have
  3. Peppa Pig and Suzie Sheep Whistle
  4. Shrek Moments - "Interrogating Gingy"
  5. Pretty Little Thing

ITEC2110 Digital Media Projects


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