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Yen Ngo is an Asian-American. She came to US more than 10 years ago. She got her first AA degree in Accounting at Gwinnett Technical College. To some people, Accounting would be a boring subject, She enjoys working with numbers though and more often She would like to challenge herself in various accounting specialties.She has been working in a Tax-Accounting Firm since She was in Gwinnett Technical College. She loves her job and plans to move up for new challenges after She gets B.B.A at Georgia Gwinnett College.

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Outside numbers and excel sheets which she has to deal with on daily basic, she still has other interests to enrich her life:


She loves playing badminton, jogging and bowling. With her tight schedules for work and school currently, she still tries to make it once or twice a week with her family. Jogging is not only helps to improve her health but keep her in good shape as well. Bowling has been bring quality time for her family. After those hard working days, she loves to have time to laugh to play with her son who will be in sixth grade in August. Badminton is the favorite for the whole family. They have never been bored of it. Every time they play, they always enjoy it the most.


She also loves reading and listening to music. Her favorites writers are Danielle Steel, Margaret Mitchell whose writings she can read over and over without a bit of bores.Reading their novels is just like living in another world. She remembered the first time She picked the novel"Gone With the Wind" of Margaret Mitchell, going home from the bookstore, She skipped dinner that night to finish the first 3 chapters.


Music is an important part of her life.She loves listening to Richard Clayderman, the great pianist of all time. Her job is so stressful but thanks to his kind of music, she has been gone through hard times. She thinks his musics is so beautiful that she can not say in words. Let's check it out here:


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