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Zachary Idrees was born in DeKalb Medical Center. At childhood, Idrees would travel around the globe and live temporarily live in Pakistan which cultural forevermore change his cultural outlook of the world. Idrees is a risk taker. Like for example, challenges that would make most people stress; He profoundly accepts as a challenge.Moreover, despite odds he always finds a way to succeed in the end.


  • Memes
  • Coding
  • Thought provoking media

Favorite Web Pages

  1. Youtube
  2. Reddit
  3. Netflix

Favorite Photos

Simba Pepe NYC
Raresimba.jpg Rarepepe.jpg Rarecity.jpg

Favorite Tunes

  1. Peaceful Song
  2. Fun Song
  3. A Song that I Love

Favorite Videos

  1. Must Watch Daliy
  2. LUL
  3. Hell Yea

ITEC 2110 Digital Media Projects

Original Image Edited Image Blurred Image Black and White Image Bordered Image Signed Image
Alph0.JPG Alph1.jpg Alph2.jpg Alph3.jpg Alph4.jpg Alph5.jpg

Frames1 Frames2 Frames3 Frames4 Frames5 Frames6 Frames7 Frames8 Frames9 Frames10 Frames11 Gif
Frog1.png Frog2.png Frog3.png Frog4.png Frog5.png Frog6.png Frog7.png Frog8.png Frog9.png Frog10.png Frog11.png Ultralul.gif

Project 3 Audio Project

File:Bayne Harris Zachary Idrees.wav

Project 4 Blender Project


Project 5 Video Project

  1. Dank Video
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