Using Internet Email

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Using Internet Email

By: Cassandra Cobb

E-mail Facts

  • e-mail(electronic mail)- Internet-based communication in which senders and recipients correspond
  • e-mail client- a software program that runs on a computer and is used to send and receive e-mail through the ISP's server
  • e-mail virus- a virus transmitted by e-mail that often uses the address book in the victim's e-mail system to distribute itself
  • e-mail became primary method of communication worldwide because it is fast and very convenient
  • initially another attraction to e-mail was that it reduced the cost of postage and long-distance phone calls
  • currently e-mail is predominately the main means of communication to the personal and business community
  • e-mail is not private

Using E-mail

  • Firstly - you want to put who you are e-mail in the section for TO
  • Secondly - you want to add the subject in the the SUBJECT section
  • Thirdly - you want to add your message in the blank white section
  • Lastly - you want to send the e-mail by pressing send

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  • Gmail
  • Yahoo
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook (e-mail client)
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