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Hey my name is Edgar Vega. I live in Jonesboro, Georgia with my two parents and my 3 sisters. I work in the construction business. Specifically in the masonry side, which deals with things such as bricks, blocks, stone, stucco, and concrete. My dad and I own and run "The best Masonry Co" which deals in these areas but in a small to medium scale. I am a freshman at Georgia Gwinnett College. Im working towards my MBA (Master in Business Administration) to further aid me in running my business more efficiently and effectively. I also plan to use my degree as a backup just in case my business does not workout I could still find a job much easier with such a degree.



- I enjoy cars from the driving them to admiring them. Some cars that I like include Nissan Skyline GTR,BMW M3,and a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. I also go to car shows a couple times a year. I don't consider myself a car guy but I do know a bit about cars.I don't really have a dream car because I could not decide on one but I would be satisfied with owning any of the cars I mentioned

Nissan Skyline GTR

  • Going to Sporting Events⚽🏈🏀

- I have went to a couple of soccer matches to see teams such as Mexico, USA, and mostly Atlanta United. The experience is amazing especially when you get to see some of the athletes up close. Every time I get a chance I go to a Game.Although I have never meant a player I have seen them really close. I also had the chance to go to the MlS Allstar Game that was hosted in Atlanta in 2018.

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Future Plans

- After college I have two things I would like to do. Them being to further develop my business to at least 100% of what it is now. I also would like to work for a large corporation over seeing a department. I'm still unsure on exactly what I would like to over see in a large corporation, but I know I want to be apart of a big company. I'm not sure what route I would like to go yet, but I could possibly do both. Aside from work I would really like to travel to Europe and Asia, and possibly live there for a couple of months.

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