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I am a freshman at GGC. I was born on March 6, 2000 at Emory Eastside Medical Center of Snellville, GA. I currently reside in Bethlehem, GA. I am a follower of Jesus Christ.

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English: William Riddle Binary Code:0101011101101001011011000110110001101001011000010110110100100000010100100110100101100100011001000110110001100101 Hexadecimal Code: 57 69 6c 6c 69 61 6d 20 52 69 64 64 6c 65

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Today, the expeditious delivery of electronic documents, messages, and other data is relied on for everything from communications to navigation. As the near instantaneous exchange of information has increased in volume, so has the variety of electronic data formats–from images and videos to text and maps. Verifying the trustworthiness and provenance of this mountain of electronic information is an exceedingly difficult task as individuals and organizations routinely engage with data shared by unauthenticated and potentially compromised sources. Further, the software used to process electronic data is error-prone and vulnerable to exploitation through maliciously crafted data inputs, opening the technology and its underlying systems to compromise. An attacker’s ability to deliver novel cyberattacks via electronic documents, messages, and streaming data formats appears unbounded, creating an unsustainable situation for software security.

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