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Coleoptera Specimen

Specimen #: 2

Order: Coleoptera

Date of Collection: August 27, 2018

Location: EHC Downstream

Shannon-Wiener Index of Biodiversity: H'= 2.9817719

Taxonomic Information:

▪ Body: Grey or black. triangular or pear shaped; legs are normally strongly sclerotized.

▪ Head: flexibly attached to the thorax by the cervix.

▪ Wings: usually hardened, sheathing cases protecting the hindwings and most of the body, some have reduced wings.

▪ Mouthparts: Chewing mouthparts (sometimes located at the tip of a beak or snout)

▪ Antennae: segmented and consists of 11 parts.

▪ Tarsi: 2-5 segmented

Ecological Importance: useful as decomposers and recyclers of organic nutrients. Also, the Larvae occurs in decomposed wood and plant medulla, which can be carnivorous in nature.

Economical Importance: important pollinators in some areas by visiting flowers and transporting pollen.

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